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Double Take + A Request

Since I’m behind on my lunch posts, today you’re getting a two-for-one special.

That’s double the lunches. It’s your lucky day. ;)

But you’re only getting one breakfast.

I was in the mood for cereal. In the bowl: a combo of Weetabix and Nature’s Path Flax Plus Pumpkin Raisin Crunch, topped with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, banana slices, frozen blueberries, and a sprinkling of hemp seed.

I don’t eat cereal often, but sometimes it’s all I want!

Onto my last week in lunches. Which are really from the week before last. As well as the the week before the week before last. Okay I’ll stop now; I’m confusing myself. Ha.


Apple. Wrap with Creamy Hummus, greens, cherry tomatoes, lentils, a couple chopped olives, and toasted sunflower seeds on an Ezekiel sprouted grain tortilla. Trail mix with peanut butter filled pretzels, raw cashews, dried tart cherries, and carob chips.

Lentils in a wrap may sound strange, but it is delicious. Trust.


Mini Luna bar. Salad with greens, butter beans, carrots, chickpeas, artichoke hearts, chopped dinosaur kale, toasted sunflower seeds–dressed with minced garlic, olive oil, a bit of balsamic, lemon, s + p.  Apple. 

The salad was a monster, and so hearty. 

I also packed a ball (one of these guys) for a morning snack. 

Chewy and subtly sweet. If you like coconut, almond, chia seeds, and dried tart cherries, you would most likely enjoy these.


A Back-to-School No-Bake Granola Bar (recipe here). Tofu-Avocado Wrap (what else is new?). Apple. There was nothing about this lunch I didn’t love, not gonna lie.


Half a whole wheat wrap with Creamy Hummus. Salad with greens, grape tomatoes, cucumber, chopped kale, artichoke hearts, toasted sunflower seeds, chickpeas–dressed in Gena’s hemp pesto + balsamic. Apple.

I also packed the last of my Banana Oat Breakfast Muffins (recipe here), fresh from the freezer (a little freezer burn never hurt anyone, right?). 

By the afternoon it was perfectly thawed and, smothered in PB&Co., delectable.


Plum. Tofu-Avocado Wrap (yes, again!). And the same trail mix as above.

If it works, it works!


Apple. Salad with greens, chopped kale, artichoke hearts, grape tomatoes, toasted sunflower seeds, chickpeas–dressed the same as the salad above. I heart hemp pesto. Another Back-to-School No-Bake Granola Bar. 

I also packed some Creamy hummus with whole wheat mini pitas and carrots–but didn’t get around to eating this snack. So it became the appetizer to my dinner. 

Crunchy and creamy.


Thursday I was traveling, so instead of sharing my lunch here are some of the snacks I packed…

Pita chips, hummus, and carrots.

As well as the usual suspects: peanut butter packets and Larabars. Never leave home without ‘em. And a whole wheat tortilla with almond butter and banana slices



The usual trail mix. Whole wheat wrap with Creamy Hummus, Gena’s hemp pesto, greens, chopped kale, artichoke hearts, cucumber, chickpeas, and toasted sunflower seeds. Apple. 

Okay, chickpeas are officially awesome in wraps. Scratch that: they are just plain awesome.


Don’t ask what happened to Friday I. I got nothin’. 

This is a total double take from Thursday’s lunch. Very fitting, no? More trail mix (obsessed much?). Pretty much the same whole wheat wrap as above. Apple. 


Had enough lunch? Well, there will be more. I’m requesting a picture of YOUR best packed eats so I can put together a post made up of reader lunches. I tend to stick with what works, which often means same old, same old. But I know you guys are full of yummy lunch ideas that I would love to see and share.

Email me at unmitigatedgrub@gmail.com with a photo(s) of a favorite recent packed lunch, and include a brief description of its contents. And you don’t have to be a blogger to submit. Yes, taking a photograph of your food might feel a little strange. It is, admittedly, totally awkward. But DO IT! ;)

I look forward to seeing your eats!


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