Secrets Are No Fun

…unless they’re shared with everyone! Thus, today I will be spilling a few secrets.

Secret: As much as I love cooking, I sometimes love not cooking even more.

Like when it’s Monday.

And I’m tired.

Amy’s to the rescue!

I had this with a slice of Ezekiel sprouted bread, toasted and spread with tahini, because, let’s be honest, these bowls are not a full meal!

Pretty good, but I mean…are they kidding??

And three bites later…. :)

Secret: I don’t always rinse my quinoa. I know I’m supposed to, but it’s such a tricky process and I always lose so many little pseudograins along the way! I try to buy the no-rinse kind for this reason.

I like shortcuts.

[And now I will also be searching for fair trade certified quinoa. Here's why.]

Secret: I’m at work right now. Don’t tell my bosses. ;)

Hehe just kidding. Well, I am at work, but I actually wrote this post last night, while icing my hip injury.

Secret: I iced my injury/butt with frozen edamame. Is that gross?


Secret: Yesterday I had a smoothie with a very secret ingredient.

I’m almost scared to share, because it’s not going to sound good.

But it is masked with lovely banana, Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer Vanilla Chai, frozen blueberries….You can’t even taste it, I swear!

“You can’t even taste it, I swear!” What a great way to preface a recipe, huh? HA.

So what’s the secret ingredient?

Frozen broccoli.

Such a great way to get your greens! Read allll about the innumerable benefits of broccoli here.

If you love green monsters, you just may like this, too. Or maybe you’ve even tried it before! I usually use spinach myself to boost my smoothies (like in this green monster bowl of oats). So why not broccoli?

And you totally can’t taste it.

Don’t believe me? Try it.


DIRECTIONS: Blend until well-combined (I used a food processor). Enjoy!

Just remember: looks can be deceiving. And so can taste!

Delicious! The Vanilla Chai Vega is really yummy and totally overpowered the broccoli.

And it’s such a healthy way start to the day; you can never eat too many greens!

I dare you to try this.

So what’s your secret?

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9 responses to “Secrets Are No Fun

  1. woah broccoli in smoothie?! ANd wtf that is the smallest portion of Amys ever!!

  2. Hi! I just found your blog, I will be following! I loveeee green smoothies. I haven’t tried broccoli yet, usually spinach. But the blueberry/broccoli combo sounds great!!!

  3. Frozen edamame is definitely not gross. We have a bag of Trader Joe’s frozen corn circa 1963 that has been used for every household injury. I fear the day someone mistakes that bag for actual food.

    Um, do you love the Vega or what? I mean, anything that can mask broccoli in a smoothie has to be kind of awesome.

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